Sad News for Hunt's Blockheads!
Hunt is Fired from As the World Turns!

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This site is dedicated to Hunt Block who I believe to be an impeccable performer. He
maintains a charisma and humor as Craig Montgomery that I have yet to see from any other
male soap actor. I applaud the man behind the character of Craig Montgomery. This is my way
of saying

"Outstanding Job Hunt"!

I hope you enjoy this site and will continue to visit as the character of Craig Montgomery
continues to be so versatile and easy on the eyes.



In an effort to keep The Home of the Blockheads successful, I am trying a new

approach. Let's have some fun. Make fun and enjoy

Craig Montgomery. 

Become a Blockhead!

Its easy, just register and join in on our discussion board, one post 

and you will 

become a Blockhead the very next time. We will also offer a new screen saver

each month, maintaining updated pictures of Craig. 

As Craig changes looks, so can your computer screen.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy The Home of the Blockheads!

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