This is my opinion , no one else holds any responsibility for this comment!

In this website creators eyes I think that the firing of Hunt Block is appalling!

It seems to me that ATWT is settling for quantity instead of quality. We are overdosed with teen romances, and new characters. We no longer have the opportunity to embrace the characters and actors that we have bonded and held dear for many years. The  veterans which whom we have built a endearing relationship  with as viewers are being expelled in order to cut costs. 

I stopped being a dedicated viewer of ATWT a few years ago when the first dose of teens entered the scene, but from time to time I would still tune in to see what antic's the seasoned characters were up to. I just couldn't adjust to the total teen imagery pushed down my throat. Now its even worst.  Please do not misinterpret my entire  philosophy, I like teens, I think its good to have some storylines with the teens. Although if your going to have teen storylines, it would be nice to be true to the teens of today. They are not all naive or  are they totally obnoxious.  Friendships are close, girls tend to be BFFE. 

To make my point of this comment, I think ATWT has done a great injustice to those of us who view the show by taking the character of Craig Montgomery away from our daily viewing pleasure. The character has been a significant mainstay for many years and has brought a difference to this soap that is now washed away.

In my opinion the reason soaps gain popularity is because fans choose a character or a group of characters that they embrace. Viewers above the age of 18 are not going to relate to a 16 year old as their endeared character. With the revolving door for actors and the total teen storylines, the seasoned actors that so many have embraced as their favorites are now ripped away and thus the bond as a viewer of ATWT is torn to shreds.

ATWT I think is failing the viewers. With a small list of seasoned veteran actors remaining, the view list will undoubtedly dwindle as well. 

One last thing.....As long as Hunt would like,  this site will remain a symbol of his withstanding ability as an actor for his fans. Hopefully before too long we will see Hunt pop up on the screen again, enjoying another character portrayal that we can turn our channels to.